Selected Writing


  • “We Are All Superman” in Overland.
  • “Unbury Me” in Island 153.
  • “Jackpot” in The Lifted Brow 34.
  • “All Hollows” in Overland.
  • “Landscape within Landscapes” in Island 147.
  • “It’s All Happening Here” in Overland, and produced for Radio National.
  • “Days of Yielding” in Meanjin.
  • “The Face of the Derwent” in Award Winning Australian Writing 2015.
  • Timing the River” in Westerly 60.1.
  • “Winding the Land” in Mascara 16.
  • “An Anti-Glacier Book” in Island 138.
  • “Smooth Green Skin” in The Canary Press 4.
  • “The Lake” in Kill Your Darlings 17.
  • “What Fear Was” in Overland.
  • The Eradication Program” in The Review of Australian Fiction.
  • A Field Guide to the Huts of Mt. Wellington: 1913″ in The Lifted Brow 18.
  • “The Bridge” in Griffith Review.
  • “The Angels” in Island 130.



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