Selected Writing




Outside, Mona Lisa, an essay in Griffith Review.

The green hump of Mount Foster is a gap on my map. Right now, I’m filling in gaps by climbing mountains like this. I know that sounds a little detached, maybe even cold, but over the past eight years I’ve been busy with three young children, so walks have been rare. The gaps in my map have been staring at me. Perhaps travellers stuck at home through the pandemic have felt something like this – the call of the named unknown.



One Deer Running, a short story in The Saturday Paper.
Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 8.59.57 pm

They let us ride the deer. That’s the best part. The worst part is the deer trashing everything they can bite or stomp their feet on, but the best part is riding the deer. When the new deer-mates get here they don’t believe it. They’re feeding, watering and mucking out the shit but the perks are unbelievable…


Driftbones, a poem in Poetry Ireland Review (print)

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 9.14.34 pm

we splintered, empty threads of ships,
press-ganged by wind to service,
cloudbones bowing worship….




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Australian Poetry Journal
  • Issue 8.2: “Rocky Whelan’s Cave” (poem).
Award Winning Australian Writing
  • 2015: “The Face of the Derwent” (short story).
Best Australian Science Writing
  • 2018: “Speak for the Trees” (essay).
Best Summer Stories (Black Inc, 2018)
  • “Unbury Me” (fiction).
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The Canary Press
  • Issue 4: “Smooth Green Skin” (prose poem).
The Canberra Times
  • March 11 2023: “Tanina Bluff” (poem).
  • June 19 2021: “There is Always More Than One Canopy” (poem).
The Centre for Stories
Chart Collective
Cordite Poetry Review
Dark Mountain (UK)
  • Issue 20: “For The Perishable Body” (experimental nature prose).
Griffith Review
The Guardian
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The Lifted Brow
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  • Issue 18:A Field Guide to the Huts of Mt. Wellington: 1913″ (fiction).
Lithub (US)
Mascara Literary Review
New Australian Fiction
  • 2021: “Flash and Glow” (fiction).
Phase Change (Tenth Planet Press, 2022)
  • The Switch” (fiction).
Plumwood Mountain
Poetry Ireland Review
  • Driftbones” (poetry).
Review of Australian Fiction
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  • Issue 74.1:Joseph Hooker’s Hands” (poem).
  • Issue 60.1: Timing the River” (fiction).

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