Selected Writing

  • Issue 158: “Beast Evolving” (experimental nature prose).
  • Issue 156: “Hidden in the Bush: In Search of Australian Nature Writing” (essay).
  • Issue 153: “The Loyalist” (poem).
  • Issue 153: “Unbury Me” (fiction).
  • Issue 150: “Sedgeland Nation” (poem).
  • Issue 147: “Landscape within Landscapes” (fiction).
  • Issue 138: “An Anti-Glacier Book” (fiction).
  • Issue 133: “The Battlements of Raoul” (essay).
  • Issue 130: “The Angels” (fiction).
  • Issue 33:2: “Stump Psalm” (Poem).
  • Issue 33:1: “We May Warm Ourselves” (fiction).
Australian Book Review
Australian Poetry Journal
  • Issue 8.2: “Rocky Whelan’s Cave” (poem).
Award Winning Australian Writing
  • 2015: “The Face of the Derwent” (short story).
Best Australian Science Writing
  • 2018: “Speak for the Trees” (essay).
Best Summer Stories (Black Inc, 2018)
  • “Unbury Me” (fiction).
The Big  Issue
  • Issue 605: “To Bee or Not to Bee” (Essay).
  • Issue 593, 2019 Fiction Edition: “The Slide” (Fiction).
The Canary Press
  • Issue 4: “Smooth Green Skin” (prose poem).
The Canberra Times
  • June 19 2021: “There is Always More Than One Canopy” (poem).
The Centre for Stories
Chart Collective
Cordite Poetry Review
Dark Mountain (UK)
  • Issue 20: “For The Perishable Body” (experimental nature prose).
Griffith Review
The Guardian
Kill Your Darlings
  • Issue 17: “The Lake” (fiction).
The Lifted Brow
  • Issue 34: “Jackpot” (flash fiction).
  • Issue 18:A Field Guide to the Huts of Mt. Wellington: 1913″ (fiction).
Lithub (US)
Mascara Literary Review
New Australian Fiction
  • 2021: “Flash and Glow” (fiction).
Plumwood Mountain
Review of Australian Fiction
  • The Eradication Program” (fiction).
  • “Algae” (fiction).
The Saturday Paper
  • Issue: 77.2: “Mt Styx” (poem).
  • Issue 76.1:Intertextual Reservations” (poem).
  • “Pads”  (Poem: Long Paddock).
  • Issue 74.1:Joseph Hooker’s Hands” (poem).
  • Issue 60.1: Timing the River” (fiction).

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